Empowering Your Electrical Vision with LB Contract Supply: Unveiling a World of Possibilities

In the dynamic landscape of electrical installations, LB Contract Supply emerges as the silent force, offering unparalleled support to electricians seeking more than just standard fixtures. As your trusted ally, we go beyond the norm, providing access to name brand fixtures at prices that defy the online market, offering a well-kept secret that traditional lighting agencies might not want you to discover. 

Unraveling the LB Advantage

At LB Contract Supply, we pride ourselves on being the go-to resource for electricians involved in design-build and discretionary lighting packages. Distinguished by one of the largest networks of factory-direct lighting manufacturers, LB opens doors to a multitude of options that traditional supply houses might not have in stock. Why limit your choices to a handful of manufacturers when LB can connect you with hundreds eager to cater to your unique needs?

Our Comprehensive Electrical Support Services

1. Design Build:
Navigate the complexities of your projects with our design-build expertise. We provide tailored solutions that align with your vision, ensuring seamless integration from conception to completion.

2. Interior and Exterior Photometric Layouts:
Illuminate your spaces with precision using our advanced photometric layout services. We optimize lighting designs for both interiors and exteriors to create environments that are not just visually appealing but also functionally efficient.

3. Plans of Egress:
Ensure the safety of occupants with our meticulous plans of egress, crafted to meet regulatory standards and enhance the overall security of your electrical installations.

4. Value Engineering:
In a world where efficiency matters, our value engineering services focus on optimizing costs without compromising on quality. Streamline your projects without sacrificing performance.

5. Light Poles:
Explore a diverse range of light poles to suit various applications. From functional to decorative, our selection ensures that your lighting infrastructure aligns seamlessly with your project aesthetics.

6. Custom Fixtures:
Tailor your lighting solutions to your project’s unique requirements with our custom fixture offerings. Elevate the visual appeal while meeting specific functional needs.

7. Commodities – EMT/ RIGID/ IMC/ PVC/ STRUT:
Access a comprehensive inventory of electrical commodities, including conduits and struts, ensuring you have everything you need for a smooth installation process.

8. Staging (Available in Certain Markets):
Streamline your logistics with our staging services, available in select markets. Ensure that your materials are organized and ready for installation when you need them.

9. Services – Coordination Studies, Arch Flash, Lockout Tag Out:
Enhance safety and coordination with our specialized services. From coordination studies to arch flash assessments and lockout tag-out procedures, we prioritize the well-being of both your team and your installations.

LB Contract Supply: Transforming Electrical Visions into Reality

LB Contract Supply isn’t just a supplier; we are your strategic partner in the world of electrical installations. Explore a world of possibilities where quality meets affordability, and your projects are supported by a network of manufacturers hungry for your business. Unleash the LB advantage and experience electrical support that transcends the ordinary, ensuring your installations stand out for their efficiency, safety, and visual appeal.

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